Rosatum - Apothecary Jar - Sberna (PREORDER)

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Beautiful apothecary jar featuring Rosatum. Aromaticum rosatum is a medicinal powder made of red roses, liquorice, aloeswood, yellowheart, cinnamon, cloves, mace, gum tragacanth, nutmegs, cardamoms, galangals, spikenard, ambergris, and musk mixed together. It was chiefly prescribed in cordial and cephalic boles and electuaries, to strengthen the stomach and head. This jar is reminiscent of the old pharmaceutical jars used in Italian Pharmacies. Hand painted by Ceramiche Sberna, Deruta, Italy.

30 cm Tall - 11.75 inch

Colors may vary. Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true colors.

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