Italian Alabaster Egg Magdalena Rossa

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According to tradition, during a dinner with the emperor Tiberius Caesar, Mary Magdalene was speaking about Christ's Resurrection. Caesar scoffed at her, saying that a man could rise from the dead no more than the egg in her hand could turn red. Immediately, the egg turned red. Because of this, icons of Mary Magdalene sometimes depict her holding a red egg.

From this, the miracle of Mary Magdalene, the custom to give each other paschal eggs on the day of the Luminous Resurrection of Christ spread among Christians over all the world. Also, this is believed to be an explanation for dyeing eggs red at Easter.

In the Greek Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, Easter Eggs are dyed Red to represent the Blood of Christ. Eggs are blessed by the priest at the Pascal Vigil and distributed to the faithful. The egg is seen as a symbol of resurrection.

Made in Volterra, Italy - the home of Alabaster. 2" tall.

Egg stand not included.

Colors may vary. Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true colors.


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