Vaso Torciglioni - Paessagio Stile Grue

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The decorations in the landscape are considered "Istoriato" the term "courtly" tradition Italiana. This painting style became established in 1600 with the family of the Grue Castelli, who was famous painters like Francis (1618-1673), the founder Aurelio, and especially Charles Xavier and Antonio (1655-1723). Other illustrious landscape were the Gentile and Cappelletti. It is a painting technique that requires talent and experience, which is accomplished by the most talented artists. The processing of each object requires many hours, often days, hundreds of strokes to get up close, scenes, shades, hence the preciousness of each exemplar, which must be considered in all respects a 'unique work'.

Bottega degli Artisti is very famous in Italy and abroad, being one of the best producer of pottery in Castelli. Castelli is a little village in the centre of Italy, just close to the Gran Sasso Mountain.

In Castelli the art of ceramics has more than 500 years of history, and this little village is one of the five Italian towns popular for ceramics and majolicas. Some traditional and original items belonging in Castelli's collection are kept in London at the British Museum. Bottega degli Artisti reproduces that ancient collection and offers new ones to satisfy the most different exigences and tastes.


Colors may vary. Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true colors. 



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