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Venezia Ceramic Tile - Style 14 - Bologna - IN STOCK

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The same kind of elements we can find in the very famous floor of Annunziata Chapel in San Sebastiano church in Venice. This floor, dated 1510, is made out of 383 square tiles, each independent from the other, and a bigger motif in the middle with the crest of the Lando Family.

The decorative scheme of each single tile consists in a central circular medallion with a frame, of which we find 30 variations (peacock, a squame, a meandro, a fiammanti etc.). Each tile then is characterized by an unifying element: the angular yellow/orange flower.

The subjects are classified in about twenty groups in relation to the decorations: amatory (passionate heart, tight hands), with inscriptions, figurative, a scacchiera (like a chess-board), with gothic-floreal motifs, with grotesques, with trophies, with musical instruments, etc.

Our Italian Ceramic Tiles are imported from Deruta, Italy. The Italian Tiles come in various sizes. All Tiles must be ordered from the factory in Deruta, Italy.

20 x 20 cm (approx. 8 inch)

**Samples may be ordered and returned for a refund less shipping if the tiles are in perfect condition. Many times we have samples in stock. Call or email us for availability.

***Not suitable for floors.

Made in Italy.

0.75 cm thick


20 x 20 cm - QTY 1

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