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Carving Knife - Buffalo Horn - Saladini Italian Knives - (PREORDER)

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Since The Middles Ages, the Tuscan town of Scarperia has been a famed center of knives and cutlery production. Coltelleria Saladini in Scarperia is one of only four workshops left still producing knives. Based on historical patterns and materials, the Saladini collection is immediately distinguished by a stylistic renewal of forms with a particular attention to detail and the whole production process.

The perfect knives to slice the cooked meat are habitually flexible, long and they have a clear cut. The length of the blade has to be in proportion to the size of the meat, in this way we can slice the meat perfectly.

Care & Maintenance of Your Saladini Knives

Total length: 37,5 cm | 14,76 ”
Blade length: 23 cm | 9,06 ”

Colors may vary. Colors in photograph are close but may not represent true color

Preorder from Italy.
Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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